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The Organic Market is Confusing

Farms that have just converted from conventional practices into organic are claiming to be organic and selling at HIGH prices on par as organic prices.

Farms that do not make an attempt / effort to recycle farm wastes / make their own compost or fertilizers, but solely depend on external resources – their farm intention could only be seen as “Produce to Sell’’… this farming system is unsustainable and money driven.


Food for Thought

Are the organic farms in Malaysia, even worldwide, using farming practices that are Sustainable?
Some may be yes, more may be no, and some may be to a certain extent. From the daily operation and farming system adopted, the amount of energy used (inputs and outputs), the farmer will be able to know if the farming system is energy efficient and sustainable. Even any claimed very organic farm that uses a lot or depends much on natural occurring mineral compounds, this natural resources will also one day be depleted…



* The next time you pick up an “Organic” product, make sure you read the label very carefully. For example, Organic Oat Milk… and you think all the contents within are organic … in reality it is ONLY one ingredient that is organic and the rest are chemically grown! Similarly, how can sea salt or seaweed be claimed as an ‘organic’ product?

* NATURAL unpolished / brown rice. Honestly, how can the rice be natural when they were chemically grown? I can understand, if the rice is being processed into rice bran/meals and without adding any additives etc, then it can be claimed as natural.

The way how the organic farming/market developing is a cause of concern, perhaps it needs proper monitoring  from the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Domestic Trade & Consumer Affairs.

CETDEM has moved away from Organic Search thus this recent exhibition’s theme was Organic Watch as we are concerned about the direction in which the organic farming and market are moving. However, CETDEM cannot pursue it alone…

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