CETDEM Organic Farming Community Centre (OFCC), opened in January 2007, is a focal point/touch base for carrying out various activities organised by the CETDEM Organic Farming Project (COFP). The centre serves as a working model of a learning centre for ecological sustainable living for the local community.

The aim of OFCC is to demonstrate that the community can adopt sustainable principles into their daily lives to achieve minimum negative impacts to the environment in urban housing.

Activities include talks, courses and social gatherings or sharing sessions on health food preparation, seeds sharing, and other community activities.

The Farmer’s Corner is normally held on the last Saturday of the month except on public holidays, provided that it does not clash with our major events. Vegetable seeds/seedlings, organic fertilizer, compost and compost bins are available for sale.

The open space has been turned into an Organic Food Garden, which holds a variety of vegetables, herbs and some fruit trees for the community to experience and to learn the techniques of organic gardening. The centre houses a Slowfood Kitchen whereby regular talks and health food preparations will be conducted.

Other holistic lifestyle activities like yoga/qigong, embroidery, music, arts & crafts will also be incorporated. A seed bank will be established as a focal point for organic farmers or kitchen gardeners to exchange local seeds and forge solidarity. Besides being a learning resource centre, this centre will act as a working model for other organic farming community centres in the future.

CETDEM Organic Farming Community Centre (OFCC)
No 29 Jalan 19/15,
Section 19, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

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