HARI Organik

CETDEM Hari Organik – a Simple Concept

The concept of CETDEM Hari Organik is essentially a blend of an Organic Marketplace incorporating Talks, Demonstations and Fun activites. The visitors (customers) and exhibitors (providers) are encouraged to interact beyond the usual buyer-seller framework, so that a better understanding can be inculcated between the parties, and networking can be facilitated.

Having this in mind, the CETDEM Hari Organic concept was presented to the MBPJ Local Agenda Office. The inclusion of the Section 19 Residents Association and Slow Food Klang Valley Convivion created a synergy of NGO, Local Government and Community which unique to say the least.

1st Hari Organik: Saturday, 1st August 2009 – Section 19/21 Field

With the firm support of the MBPJ LA 21 Office, Section 19 RA and Slow Food Klang Valley, CETDEM Hari Organik began to take shape. A press conference was held on 28th July 2009 at MBPJ Head Office. The late YB Edward Lee spoke at the press conference, which was attended by MBPJ LA21 Liaison Officer (Mr Lee Lih Shyan), Section 19 RA President (Mr Tan Yew Leong), CETDEM Director (Mr Charles Tan) and Ms Tan Siew Luang.

The Section 19/21 field was chosen as the venue since it is strategically located across the road from the OFCC. This would allow visitors to tour the Organic Teaching Garden to see, touch, feel and smell the organic fruit trees and vegetables for themselves. Canopies were set-up in the field and were converted into booths which were provided to exhibitors.

The event was officiated by Selangor State Government EXCO member for Environment YB Elizabeth Wong. In attendance were CETDEM Chairman (Mr Gurmit Singh), Section 19 RA President (Mr Tan Yew Leong), MBPJ City Councillor (Mr Mak) and MBPJ LA 21 Liaison Officer (Mr Lee Lih Shyan).

The success of CETDEM Hari Organik is not gauged purely on the amount of sales done by participating exhibitors, but more importantly, the reaction of visitors to the ongoing talks, demontrations and fun activities held throughout the event.

2nd Hari Organik: Saturday, 3rd October 2009 – Section 19/21 Field

The success of CETDEM Hari Organic is not without a 'negative sideeffect'. Given that the venue in Section 19 is not so easily accessible by public transport, many people opt to drive to the venue, bringing along with them the inherent problem of traffic congestion. Due to the problems faced by CETDEM volunteers especially from uncooperative vehicle drivers, it was eventually decided to invite RELA to assist with traffic control. The presence of a team of RELA members helped to ease the traffic situation, and their services have been requested ever since. (RELA member can be seen in background)

3rd Hari Organik: Saturday, 5 th December 2009 – Section 19/21 Field

A much larger crowd of visitors is seen during the 3rd edition of CETDEM Hari Organik. News of the event reach as far as Klang and Kajang.

4th Hari Organik: Sunday, 11 th April 2010 – Section 19/21 Field

All work and no play make Jack and Jill very dull children. Children's activities have been a mainstay of CETDEM Hari Organik. They learn about vegetables even as they enjoy participating in a game of fishing or match the picture to the name. Seeing the fun the children have, a number of adults also jokingly as whether they are allowed to take part. The number of exhibitors remain consistent, with greater public anticipation for CETDEM Hari Organic.

5th Hari Organik: Sunday, 4 th July 2010 – Section 19/21 Field

More than 40 booths were opened. Aside from the usual exhibitors (farmers, retailers, suppliers), we also had a Toyota Prius on display, courtesy of EcoGreen Farms Sdn Bhd. The Totota Prius is a hybrid passenger car which runs on petrol and electricity. In this event, we saw an increase in the number of companies involved in vermi-composting. Moreover, we managed to attract more visitors, constituting of various races, and this included younger visitors as well.

6th Hari Organik: Saturday, 26 March 2011 – SS2/63 Recreation Park

There was a 9 month gap between 5th and 6th Hari Organik. This was mainly due to 2 major events organised by CETDEM in 2nd half of 2010 – the 5th Malaysian Organik and Natural Product Exhibition in September and the 25th CETDEM Anniversary Slow Food and Organic Fundraising Dinner in October. In early 2011, a 3 day Organic Farming Course was organised at the CETDEM Organic Farming Community Centre.

A pre-event press conference was held at MBPJ Headquarters on 17th March. Those present included MBPJ Councilors and Directors, representatives from RA SS2 Selatan, RT SS2B, vendors and media reporters. The 6th edition of Hari Organik was very well publicized by The STAR, NST, Nanyang Sang Pau, KomunitiKini.com, Sin Chew Daily as well as a studio interview by AIFM

Hari Organik was shifted to a new venue, from Section 19 to Taman Pusat Bandar SS2. A total of 40 exhibitors took part. An estimated 4,000 visitors made it a constant stream of people from 8:30am till 2pm in the afternoon. This event attracted many new faces and the visitors seemed more enthusiastic as well as having greater purchasing power. We could see more visitors of different races and age groups from the local neighborhood communities in PJ and out of towners from as far as Shah Alam and Cheras. Parking was much less of a problem as proper parking lots are amply available around the recreational park. Besides the usual poster presentations, talks, demos and children's activities, the Eco Band comprising of 14 students from SMK (P) Sri Aman's Toyota Eco Rangers Club gave a music/song performance with instruments made of household utensils! More than 30 devoted and enthusiastic volunteers and supporters helped organise CETDEM Hari Organik.

7th Hari Organik: Saturday, 25 th June 2011 – TESCO Kepong

In March 2011, CETDEM and TESCO began discussions on organising a CETDEM Hari Organik at one of the TESCO outlets within the Klang Valley. It was decided that TESCO Kepong would be the host. TESCO is the first corporate partner for Hari Organik, and this also marks the first time CETDEM Hari Organik has left the PJ area..

CETDEM Hari Organik @ TESCO Kepong was held in the open area (next to the main entrance of the hypermarket) with the participation of close to 40 exhibitors. This event was officiated by YBhg Datin Nafesah Raja Nong Chik Abidin, spouse of the Minister of Federal Territories and Urban Wellbeing. The response was comparitively lower when compared to the 6 earlier editions. This is attributed to the new location, as well as limited publicity given to the residents of the area and operating time was not properly suited to cater to the local community routine.

8th Hari Organik: Saturday, 15 th October 2011 – SS2/63 Recreation Park

After bringing Hari Organik to Kepong, the Hari Organik returned to SS2. Once again, Hari Organik managed to attract a large number of visitors who wished to purchase organic products and services. This sketch shows the layout of the canopies and exhibitors booths which were located at the SS2/63 Recreation Park.

9th Hari Organik: Saturday, 24 th Mac 2012 – SS2/63 Recreation Park

9th CETDEM Hari Organik officially started at 8:300 am. 11 canopies were used to house 40 exhibition booths and 1 canopy as the main stage. The exhibitors included Jabatan Pertanian Negeri Selangor, Organic certified farmers, Organic retailers and compost manufacturers. Nevertheless, visitors were seen arriving and patronising the booths as early as 8 am. We estimate the number of visitors this time (around 4,000) was an increase when compared to the previous edision. We also met a number of first time visitors to Hari Organik, some had come from as far as Johor. The crowd composition was a good reflection of the cosmopolitan make up of Petaling Jaya – Chinese, Malay, Indian as well as foreigners.

10th Hari Organik: Saturday, 23 th June 2012 – SS2/63 Recreation Park

There was a noticable reduction in visitors for this 10th edition of CETDEM Hari Organik held on Saturday, 23rd June 2012. One possible reason for the reduced attendance was the event coinciding with a traditional Chinese festival. The haze had also descended onto many areas in the Klang Valley, including the city of Petaling Jaya. This form of air pollution, which is caused by the open burning being practiced within and outside of Malaysia., had a negative impact on CETDEM Hari Organik.

Fortunately, the farmers and organic entrepreneurs continued to give strong support this CETDEM organised activity. This was the 2nd time CETDEM Hari Organik for 2012 and the 10th edition since 2009.

11th Hari Organik: Saturday, 22 th September 2012 – SS2/63 Recreation Park

The Organising Committee for 11th CETDEM Hari Organik wishes to thank YB Elizabeth Wong (Selangor State EXCO member, cum Chairman of Standing Committee for Environment) for officiating the Closing Ceremony of Hari Organik for 2012, and also witnessing the Launch of Used Kitchen Oil Recycling Project 2013 between CETDEM and Fat Hopes Energy.

Hari Organik #11 continued to receive encouraging support from local organic farmers and entrepreneurs. It was also apparent that the number of visitors to this 11th edition of CETDEM Hari Organik was a far cry more than the previous edition in June. Compared to the 10th edition, the haze was less present. The event was organised by CETDEM with the collaboration and support of the SS2 residents, MBPJ, and the Selangor State Government, through the good offices of EXCO YB Elizabeth Wong. As usual, although the event was scheduled to start at 8:30 am, the visitors had started coming in as early as 8 am.

The official activities for the morning started with the arrival of YB Elizabeth Wong just after 9 am. YB Elizabeth Wong was recieved by CETDEM Chairman, Mr. Gurmit Singh. YB Elizabeth Wong proceeded to deliver a short but meaningful speech before officiating the closing of Hari Organik for 2012, and followed by the witnessing of the Launch of the Used Kitchen Oil Recycling Project 2013 between CETDEM and Fat Hopes Energy.

There were a total of 8 canopies housing 30 booths and 1 canopy for the main stage. As usual, the exhibitors included Organic certified Farmers, Organic Retailers (health food and skin care) as well as compost manufacturer. Jabatan Pertanian also had a booth for information sharing on the Skim Organik Malaysia.

The walk-a-bout by YB Elizabeth Wong through the site was well received by the booth exhibitors and other visitors. Mr Lee Lih Shyan, Head of MBPJ One Stop Centre also took the opportunity to visit CETDEM Hari Organik. CETDEM Chairmn Mr. Gurmit Singh managed to have a casual chat with Mr. Lee. Visitors had the opportunity to listen to a talks on hair colouring and how to make enzyme from kitchen waste, and also issues related to environment.

Mr. Pete, the representative from Fat Hopes Energy also gave a short sharing regarding the benefits of recycling used cooking oil into bio-diesel. This includes the effort to prevent the actions or irresponsible parties who sell recycled cooking oil to unsuspecting consumers for cooking use. We were informed that use of recycled cooking oil may bring about health problems, including cancer.

The Organic Farming Project Coordinator also gave a briefing on how to make compost. We estimate that there were between 3,000-4,000 visitors.


CETDEM Hari Organik is an event that synergises the positive attributes of NGO, Corporation Local Government and the State Government. CETDEM believes that collaborative efforts of NGO, Corporation, Local Authority and State Government is a unique model that can be made an example and can be assimilated into likewise activities in the effort to conserve the Environment in Malaysia. This event can be duplicated in other towns/cities in other States,with the support of the respective State Governments.