Farmers Corner

Welcome to Farmers Corner!

Our monthly Farmer's Corner host a market-filled organically grown vegetables, fruits, other sorts of produce from seeds, organic seedlings, organic composts and many more!

Besides getting your hands on fresh farm produce to bring home, this event is a good opportunity for you to have conversations with fellow farmers and learn what you can in hoping to create your very own organic garden or farm.

There will be varieties of fresh leafy vegetables....[ lots of carrots] for your pick aside from cucumbers, okra, long beans, petola, eggplants, edamame, mushroom, free range chicken, passion fruits, guavas etc.

For those who are looking for organic compost, fertilizer, vermi-compost, Australian lemons, vegetable seeds and seedlings/saplings, herbs and publications – all will be available at the Farmer’s Corner! Breakfast will be available.

Cheers and look forward to seeing you & Happy Shopping!!

Please come early & REMEMBER to bring your own shopping bags!

April 24, 2022

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February 28, 2020

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