Welcome to the official web site of the Centre for Environment, Technology and Development, Malaysia (CETDEM).


Founded in 1985, CETDEM is an independent, non-profit organisation. Our work revolves around research, advocacy, education, and consultancy. We are committed to improving environmental quality through the appropriate use of technology and sustainable development.

CETDEM is managed by a seven-member Board of Directors.

Our areas of concern include, but is not limited to:
- management of natural resources
- clean energy and energy efficiency
- water sustainability
- air quality
- sustainable development
- organic farming
- climate change
- sustainable forestry
- marine health

Funding for our work is very much dependent on the availability of research and project grants and the generosity of well wishers.

Our funders include government ministries and agencies, UNDP, and occasional private sector donations. Due to budgetary constraints, we run a very lean office. Our research and project resource personnel are engaged on an as-needed basis.

CETDEM has been granted tax-exempt status by the Malaysian Inland Revenue Board. All cash donations to CETDEM are tax-exempt in Malaysia.